Dec 18, 2005
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: The Texas Soap Box Depository

JFK Anniversary Christmas

Texas School Book Depository BuildingTo mark the 42 years and 2 month anniversary of the John F Kennedy assassination, we proudly present The Texas Soap Box Depository for use in all bathrooms this Christmas time...

This soap container is the ultimate gift for the JFK assassination conspiracy geek who has everything. Now you can own a soap container-sized replica of the very building from which Oswald fired those fateful shots!!!

How does it work?

The Texas Soap Box Depository has been designed by our soap scientists to store those last ickle remnants of soap that you have in the bathroom - and then, when the container is full, squish them all together to make a brand new bar of soap!

Soap container
Old soap container be gone!

If you order within the next 14 days you get a free John F Kennedy imprint stamp so that you can imprint the bars of soap with the head and shoulders of one of the most beloved presidents of the last century.

Yes, you read me right, this JFK 42 years and 2 month anniversary soap squelching box for only the remarkably uniquely cheap price of a smidgen less than $44...

To get yours before Christmas click....

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