Nov 26, 2005
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Top Ten Things To Do With Leftover Turkey

New Ideas...

Handicapped turkey leftovers binge eating tournament: Blindfold (after tying hands behind back of) each family participant in this year's prestige tournament. Winner is allowed first to the bathroom to clean up.


Turkey slice stickies (aka Turkey Flat-Darts). Leave turkey slices out over night for about 4 nights until they become sticky. Use to throw at wall on which you have drawn a dart board.

Entertain those around you by placing the half eaten carcass on your head in the same way Joey did with an uncooked Turkey in that episode of Friends.

Make a Turkey Cluedo set. Form Cluedo pieces out of uneaten turkey meat (Cornel Mustard, Captain Scarlet etc). Carefully carve bones into required implements such as lead piping, dagger etc, alternatively invent new murder weapons such as wishing bone, thigh bone etc...

Turkey Flippies. Cut turkey meat into 1/2 inch square pieces and flick them at each other until bedtime / bathtime whichever comes first.
Use left over turkey baste (dripping), mix with body safe dye to make greasy looking war paint. Paint your body with this authentic concoction. Pick a fight with a friend or enemy with your shirt off.
Invite a friend or brother/sister to a light saber fight using turkey legs ('wawwwww' sound effects optional).
For two or more turkey carcasses: Stick each on remote controlled truck or cars for the ultimate turkey crash derby!

Sculpt brown turkey with unused cranberry sauce to make a realistic looking open wound. Place on arm or chest to make elderly relatives feel uncomfortable.


Stick unused turkey pieces to a hockey mask. Leave in a warm room until Halloween and then place on face for the ultimate in Halloween scarefestivity. (Note: leave maggots and creepy crawlies who have nested there for added intrigue!)

26 November 2005

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