Nov 7, 2005
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Ten Worst Job Interview Questions In The World

Job Interview Horrors

We've all been there... You go to a job interview and they ask you a question which doesn't really have a right or wrong answer, they are more of a test to see how to think on your feet...

Hope you never have to come to an interview at because these are about to go into our interview manual... Good luck...

Would you like a cup of tea or coffee before we start? Don't worry that isn't a trick question... or is it...?


Imagine you are a frog. Which beer do you prefer and why?


The person conducting the interview gets up during the meeting, turns around, points his/her rear end in your direction and asks: "Does my ass look big in this?"

"Describe in detail the last time you 'squealed like a pig' in a wood or forest down south."

"Order the following with your favorite first, least favorite last, giving reasons for your choices:

  • 9/11,
  • World War Two,
  • Mount St Helena erupting,
  • Hurricane Katrina,
  • Pakistan Earthquake 2005,
  • Valentines Day Massacre,
  • San Francisco Earthquake 1918?
For a position as a Vice President: What positives did you take away with you from the motion picture American Psycho?
"Tell me what you admire most about each of the following: The Yorkshire Ripper, Hannibal Lector and Freddie Kruger?"
"Imagine we are in a bar. Convince me that I want to go home and have sex with you."
(For multiple interviewer situations. In this case you are being interviewed by two other people). "Imagine the three of us are on a plane which crashes, we are the only survivors. We have no food and one of us must be killed and eaten. Which one of us is to be dinner, and why?"

"When was the last time someone called you an asshole? Did you deserve it?"


"An hysterical, foaming at the mouth, man with a chain saw is going to come charging into the room in a minute. This is a test to show how you handle stress. I am allowed to tell you that the person is in fact a vice president of the company. He will scream at you, he may punch, slap and scratch you. How you respond to this provocation will determine if we hire you or not. Could you please sign this disclaimer which you don't need to read right now but basically says you agree to any kind of torture we can think of... . Good luck now..."

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