Nov 21, 2005
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Intelligent Design vs Evolution (Holiday Season Conversation Ideas For The Family)

ArguCards™ Special

Here at we know how difficult it is to have good quality, topical, conversations when all the family get together on the Thanksgiving and late December holidays...

We want to make a difference this year by guiding our readers to the juicy points of the great arguments of the day.

So, below, we start off with the best arguments we can think of in the great Intelligent Design vs Evolution debate in our first set of ArguCards™.

Each of the ArguCards™ question has been carefully designed to contain one controversial argument guaranteed to heat up any boring humdrum chit chat into something much more memorable!

What came first, the Turkey or the egg? This surely proves intelligent design because where on earth would the first egg have come from?
If Intelligent Design is true, why doesn't the bible mention dinosaurs?
If God created man in his own image, was that man an intelligent designer or an evolutionist?
Turkey's are just so damned ugly-but-tasty they must have been created by an intelligent being who wanted us to eat them with a guilt free conscience during the holidays.
The human eye, even in a person who is very very drunk, is simply far too complicated to simply have evolved over time. It must have been designed and implemented by a higher being.
Name five celebrities who are clearly too stupid to have evolved through natural selection.

If Darwin was right then we are all, right now, still evolving. This means that the son is of a higher evolutionary order than the father, the daughter is more intelligent/better looking than her mother. Carefully, highlight features in each other to show that you are better than your mother or father...

Disclaimer: Not for families with a nervous disposition, heart conditions, violence disorders. Arguments should be carried out under controlled conditions with a full time-out procedure in place before the arguments begin. (Bermuda) Inc Pty cannot be held responsible for any physical damage, breakage's, divorces, parents not speaking to you, or any consequence from using these ArguCards™.

21 November 2005

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