Nov 2, 2005
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White House: 'President Did Not Consider Nominating Ranch Hand To Supreme Court'

Bush Supreme Court Controversy

Answering questions from this website late last night, the White House Press Office moved to clarify our sources who had, earlier in the evening, told us that 48 year old Hermendiz Gerchillia IX, a senior ranch hand on the payroll of George W Bush, had been briefly considered for nomination to the Supreme Court.

Mr Gerchillia has worked at President Bush's Ranch for nine and a half years. He was initially available for comment but the phone then went dead when we tried to speak to him.

The comments, apparantly recommending Mr Gerchillia to the Supreme Court, were made in a meeting in the Oval Office by the president himself, our sources assured us.

A White House spokesman, explaining the apparent misunderstanding, told our reporter:

"We deny that at any time was Mr Gerchillia ever at any point seriously actually about to be definitely positively 100% nominated to the Supreme Court."

"Any comments from the president, which may have given the impression that Mr Gerchillia was being actually considered for nomination to the Supreme Court, were made in a brain storming session. The apparant nomination consideration was made at the end of a very long 4 hour day, after a difficult week. The president was tired and frustrated by everyone saying no to every name that he mentioned. The president saw the repeated negative response of those in the meeting as a challenge, and it sort of became a 'naming people he knew' competition."

"It is true that a number of other candidates were also mentioned in this, at times, tense, brain storming session, by the president, which may or may not have included a former gardener, a masseuse and a person who sold him an ice cream when he was a kid on vacation once. At no time were any of those named ever seriously considered for a role on the Supreme Court."

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