Nov 21, 2005
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ Bratman marries Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Almost Marries Batman

Almost Superhero Wedding of the Year

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: It's the smash marriage sensation of the year so far.

But it could have been a whole lot more sensational yet, according to our reporters at the Staglin Family Vineyard ceremony.

For that is where gorgeous pop sensation, Christina Aguilera, finally married her longtime beau, Jordan Bratman, Saturday, making this the closest thing California has seen to a superhero wedding without it actually being one, in living memory.

A Napa Valley Chronicle employee told this web site:

"Christina has married her Brat-hero."

The two twentysomethings exchanged Bratrings in front of 130 guests, before returning to their room in their Bratmobile.

A spokesman told this website:

"Christina has now formally joined the Brat Pack, isn't it just choice??"

Nobody called Robin was available for comment.



'Aguilera invades Jordan' USA Today

'Dirty Girl gets her Luvva Man' DJ Stuff Daily

"President Bush raises three glasses to the marriage of Aguilera", National Enquirer

"Phantom Monster Sized Rabbit Blamed For Ice Sculpture Puddle Fiasco", LA Wedding

21 November 2005

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