Oct 18, 2005
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Authors of Book Charting History of Refco To Remove Chapter 11 As 'Sign of Respect'

C11 Bankruptcy Protection Will Not Stop Book

Authors of a book which charts the history of Refco (NYSE: RFX), a foreign exchange and commodity broker which floated on the stockmarket two months ago but today announced it was the fourth biggest bankruptcy in US corporate history, are to renumber the chapters of their book on news that the company is trading under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The book is to go straight from chapter 10 to chapter 12, a move seen as the equivalent of a respectful two minutes silence in trading circles.

The book, with a working title of: The Full History Of Refco: Commodity and Futures Trading Strategies And Idiom's August-October 2005, is due out for the Christmas market competitively priced at only $253.99, or three weeks in jail.

The original chapter 11, with the title:

Why Shorting Duck Could Be Your Best Effective Avian Based Commodity Trading Strategy During These Heightened 'Bird Flu Terror From The Air' Times

will now be chapter 12.

All other subsequent chapters will also have to be renumbered:

chapter 13
North Korean Government Debt Arbitrage Smarbitrage
chapter 14
Coffee Index Derivatives Go Latte Down In Acapulco
chapter 15
Best Trading Practice: Effective Uses Of the Heimlich Manoeuvre In Japan's Corporate Debt Market
chapter 16
The Flying Grapevine Off The Top Rope and How It Can Help With Middle Eastern Institutional Security Loan Settlement Procedures
chapter 17
The Future of Peanut Futures
chapter 18
Effective Matched Bargain Trading Fisticuffs In The Russian Equity, Bond and Vodka Markets
chapter 19
A Potted History of Ambitious Risk Taking Strategies: From Junk Bonds of the 80's To Triple Blind Option Hedging in Middle Eastern Equity Bourses Underwritten in Russia and reinsured in Libya
chapter 20
How to hide $430 Million from Dummies

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