Oct 11, 2005
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Is Mystery Hollywood 'Bra Snapper' About To Be Unmasked?

Hollywood Hysteria

Speculation is growing that the person tabloids have named The Phantom Hollywood Bra Snapper, who has been preying on Hollywood's bra wearers for the last 18 months, is soon to be unmasked.

The bra snapper, believed to be a famous leading lady, sneaks up behind her victim, takes a quick tug at the bra to make it snap before running away.

Stars who have been snapped by the Phantom Hollywood Bra Snapper include Britney Spears, J-Lo, Reece Witherspoon and Joan Rivers.

An expert in Bra snapology, Jane Humpreys told this website:

"A successful bra snap is performed by putting a finger underneath the strap of the bra, normally the back strap, and then pulling back quickly and then letting it go to create a snap, or thwacking sound."

Bra security was raised at this year's Oscar ceremony with leading ladies warned not to wear skimpy, flimsy, bras, fearing an attack could leave them topless, or at least requiring an 18 certificate.

If you know the identity of the Phantom Hollywood Bra Snapper you can e-mail us confidentially at


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