Oct 15, 2005
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EXCLUSIVE: New Diet Starts Today: The Eat Only Stuff The Size Of Your Fist Diet

Sunday Supplement: Reader Diet Offer
At last your overeating problems can be a thing of the past, using our simple Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Fist Diet®™©.

Yes, it's true, all of your eating problems gone, in an instant!

For a small subscription, which most of our customers save on food bills within three weeks, we will give you the secrets of our Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Fist Diet®™© which will make your flabby legs, floppy arms and droopy stomach just disappear. Guaranteed!

Our Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Fist Diet®™© was developed to help the overweight to understand, in a quick and easy way, how much to eat without the need to weigh things, or know the calorific content of their food!

The Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Fist Diet®™© is a simple, no nonsense, guaranteed, results proven, system to help dieters measure the quantity of food they eat, individually tailored to the size of their stomach.

This isn't all mumbo jumbo! This is all proven and stuff in science: It is a medical fact that the size of your stomach is related to the size of your fist. By comparing what you eat to the size of your fist you are actually making sure you actually eat exactly the right amount of food!

Just compare what is on your plate each mealtime to the size of your fist. Is the total quantity you are about to eat the same size or a little smaller than your fist? Great! Eat up! You'll be losing pounds of flab in minutes!


Uhm, so our diet tells you how to do that then...

Well, that's it then...

...want to send us the $20 subscription anyway?


OK... we understand.

It looks like this has just been a public service announcement from

NOTICE: The Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Fist Diet®™© is not to be confused with the Eat Only Stuff The Size of Your Leg Diet®™© which is currently in administration.

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