Oct 12, 2005
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Who Pulled Britney's Bra Off?

Ebay Angst

Britney Spear's bra was suddenly pulled off on Ebay last night.

It is alleged that Britney Spears did it herself after she became concerned that she had the wrong one on.

Thousands of Ebayers saw the bra being ripped off live.

An Ebayer told this website:

"It was there one minute but gone the next. It was quite an eyeful."

The bra was worth over $60,000 at the time it was taken off.

But did Britney do it, or was an aide involved?

Sources close to the star's chest have told us that whilst Britney did indeed authorize the removal of her bra, the actual pulling was left to someone else. Probably someone with a steady hand who knew about computers and Ebay.

We called Janet Jackson last night but she was unavailable for comment.

The innuendo continues...

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