Sept 9, 2005
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New TV Series: World War Two At Four Times Normal Speed

Latest Documentary... page includes video trailer...

You've seen black and white World War Two documentaries...

You've even seen World War Two in color...

... but you've never, ever, seen..

World War Two At Four Times Normal Speed!©

Answer that ages old question: What does Adolf Hitler look like at 4 times normal speed?

What does Ava Braun and Adolf Hitler look like walking hand in hand in the Austrian mountains, in super-fast motion? (No other documentary we've ever seen answers that question!)

Adolf Hitler
Scene from World War Two At Four Times Normal Speed

If you ever wondered, now is the time to find out... In this brand new documentary...

You won't want to miss it...

On XBC tonight at 9, check local listings for details...

Watch the trailer here
Windows Media 712K [here]
Real Media 766K [here]
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