Sept 19, 2005
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German Election: Hung Bundestag To Be Controlled By 'Unsociable Democratic Party'?

World Exclusive

Bundestag, Berlin: Votes are still being counted in the German election.

The result is so close that the controversial Unsociable Democratic Party could control the Bundestag.

The two main policies of the Unsociable Democratic Party is to have a German police force to supervise the laying of it's citizen's towels on beach lounger's, and the promotion of Sauerkraut to the same international status as pickled eggs.

The counting continues.



We would like to apologize to Gerhad Schroeder (SDP) for making comments about the color of his hair, which we described as looking 'like it had been lacquered on with an industrial paint sprayer'. We are happy to report that Mr Schroeder's hair is a completely natural Saab Midnight Black. We have paid a substantial sum of damages to Mr Schroeder's chosen charity, Guide Rotweiler's for the Blind.


Another apology:

Also, we have been asked to clarify that Angela Merkel's (CDP) name is pronounced An-G-ela Merkel and not An-j-ela Merkel that we reported yesterday. We have agreed to pay a small sum of damages to a cake shop of Mrs Merkel's choosing.



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