Sept 13, 2005
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And The Nominations For The Next Head Of FEMA Are...

Send your nominations in...

We have been inundated with your suggestions for the next head of FEMA, thank you.

Below are the five best suggestions sent in.

We have forwarded your nominations to the White House.

Mad Man 1Burt Threadallshaw has lived in New Orleans since January 1995. He is a professional fish and seal impersonator and has been banned from taking the New Orleans tourist bus 17 times. "I would have helped the residents of New Orleans by driving my Chevy to the Levee to make sure it was dry."
Psycho Dave

Psycho Dave loves nothing better than covering himself in blood and fish fingers and running naked through fields. He met George Bush once during his drinking years and has the pictures to prove it. He says he would have helped residents of New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Katrina by banning fireworks and underwater saloon bar singing.

ClownMimi Verstantpollen IV doesn't know who George Bush is, but he fell into a bush once when he was young. He says he is qualified to head up FEMA because he has great comedy timing.
Chimp with gun

Henry is the great great grandson of the chimp on television's Tarzan. He never misses an episode of the A-Team. Henry says he would have released all of the unused supplies of complimentary bar nuts to those in need in the immediate aftermath of Katrina.

Sean Penn

Mervyn Polkadike is a successful Sean Penn impersonator who likes nothing better than to turn up after disasters to complain about the government to television reporters. His immediate solution in the wake of Katrina was to airdrop snorkels and flippers.

Please send your nominations to

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