Sept 9, 2005
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George Bush To Interrogate Self Over Hurricane Katrina Response

Official Investigation To Be Led By President

George Bush vowed last night to vigorously investigate why he didn't do enough, early on, to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. It will be the first inquiry into his speed of response to the disaster.

The first task of the George Bush headed investigation will be to remember what George Bush was actually doing when the Hurricane hit shore at 6:10 local time on Monday 29th August.

This may prove crucial.

Early recollections are said to include

"I dunno, I was sleeping",

"Uhm, Oh, I'm not sure, I might have been in the bathroom at the time" and

"Hmmm, I was on holiday wasn't I?".

According to reports on Fox News, George Bush is even prepared to question himself at the investigation's public hearings, which will be televised.

A US president has never questioned himself in a public inquiry before.


In our other inquiries:

The White House still haven't replied to our telephone call asking if President Bush was reading 'My Pet Goat' at around 6am on the 29th August.

The case continues.


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