Aug 30 , 2005
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Hurricane Katrina Downgraded To Katie

Force 4 Humor

Originally published before the full extent of the destruction became apparent.

Hurricane Katrina has been downgraded to Katie we can now confirm.

Reports last night on Fox News, that the hurricane was to be downgraded to a Kate, were just plain wrong.



We have been asked to apologize for our report yesterday in which we implied that the reason Hurricane Katrina was given a female name was because 'female hurricanes are the worst kind'.

We are more than happy to point out that hurricanes with a male name can be as equally bitchy, destructive and out of control as female named hurricanes.

The fact that only two out of the ten worst hurricanes in the history of the USA have had a male name is completely coincidental, and probably due to the fact that hurricanes were only given female names until the mid 1970's and weren't named at all before the 1950's.

We have agreed to pay $1.23 damages to the first female down-and-out we come across next time we go out on the street for a walk.


Another Apology:

In our business section yesterday we reported that 'multinational companies are to be allowed to bid for the right for their competitors to be named as hurricanes by 2023'.

Our report stated that under the proposed new rules, The Coca Cola Company could have had Hurricane Katrina renamed as Hurricane Pepsi for 'as little as $56 million'.

Our report included a quote from an executive at The Coca Cola Company saying:

"This is just another legitimate way to screw the ruddy bastards at Pepsi."

We now accept that this story is completely incorrect and have agreed to buy one 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola and not our normal supermarket brand (which we think tastes just as good) in damages.


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