Aug 1, 2005
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Fox To Air 'Playing It Gay', New Reality Show

Reality TV meltdown...

Following on from the completely unsuccessful Playing It Straight (pulled after three shows in the USA) the producers of the format are back, determined to succeed in what is set to be the most controversial show of this Summer season, and possibly since There's something about Miriam, which ended in the courts after male contestants found out they had been tricked into trying to date a pre-op transsexual (i.e. she still had a penis).

In the original Playing It Straight show, 14 guys, some of whom are gay, play it straight to win $1mn. In the USA version of Playing It Straight Banks, a straight guy, won. A gay guy (Ben) won the show in the UK version. In both shows two straight guys got to the last three.

In Playing It Gay, 14 guys, some of whom are straight, play it gay for the $1mn prize.

A producer of the show told us:

"If you are looking for a riot of dressing gowns, cigarettes in long holders, scarfs, high pitched screams and divine fabrics you will not be disappointed."

"Playing It Gay is going to be the smash of the TV season. And we will finally get to see on national television how far a straight guy will go to prove he is gay to win $1mn."

The show, filmed earlier in the year, was set in a gay hotel in Greenwich Village, New York.

A straight guy from the show told us:

"I have never said 'it's to die' so much in all of my life. After the show was over, it took me a couple of weeks to get out of my skin tight pants, they just felt so good."

In one task, contestants had to prove they are gay by the way they play Basketball, Football and Hockey.


"I have no idea how gay guy's play these sports so I just put on mascara, high heels and hoped for the best."


"This is the final nail in the final coffin of reality TV or I'm going to kill myself."

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