Aug 17, 2005
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Eminem Cancels European Tour: Read His Sick Note Here

'I'm so tired'

Eminem has canceled his European tour scheduled for 1st-17th September, according to his official website

We can exclusively reveal the sick note he sent canceling:

Hey Mother F*ckers,

I am sorry that I will be unable to come to Europe this September, I am so fu*king tired of all this *hit.

Shi* man, *ucking he*l if I have to lift one more *unting chainsaw I will go fuck*ng nuts.

Do you know how f***ing old I am?

32 years *u*k*n* old, thats how old.

S*it man and I still talking like a f*c*i*g 18 year old.


I feel so tired.

Fuc* again.


Especially when I lift my chainsaw arm up like this, oooohhh... damn

Any way. Sorry if I have twisted your collective European ti*s by not showing.

*uck man.

I feel fuck*d.

**ck off,

Marshall 'Mother' Mathers


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