Aug 16, 2005
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Unofficial Daisy Duke Fan Club To Sponsor 'Big Boobies War' Contest

Fake Breast Bedlam (Probably NSFW)

An unofficial Daisy Duke fan club (DDFC) is the group behind a controversial new sport, we can now reveal:

Big Boobies War.*

(*We have been asked to point out that Big Boobies War has nothing whatsoever to do with Slap Wars©, a radio station backed sport in which hot women slap each other for prizes.)

To participate in the Big Boobies War competition, contestants put on fake breasts and then try to push their opponent over a line using only their fake front pillows as weapons.

Contestants try to push each other backwards using their boobies

The sport can be played by men, women and children, but not transvestites for safety reasons.

The DDFC has put up a $1000 prize for the champion of the Big Boobies War contest to be held during the Daisy Duke Cowgirl Hoe-down in The Big Barn, East Dublin, GA, this Saturday.

The Big Boobies War Heavyweight World Champion is currently a 310 pound truck driver from Nashville, his name is Guy.

A spectator told us:

"Big Boobies War is a healthy combination of sporting endeavor and full-on in-your-face erotica."



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