July 12, 2005
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Would You Put Your Full Home Address On

Be honest now... why not?
More addressless posters...

It's the latest showing of defiance from Londoners and fans of London across the globe following the terrible bombings in London last week.

It comes in the form of a web site called

On the site, visitors post a picture of themselves declaring that they are not afraid of coming to London after the bombings.

But of all of the postings, the number who gave their full home address is nil.

We want to know why...

So we asked the guy's n' gals in the office:

Sheila: Customer Services Manager

I am not afraid of putting my full home address on the website because I am frightened that the bombers will come round, I am more afraid of the journalists doing it.

Mary: Head of Personnel

I would gladly put my ex-husband's full address and telephone number on it.

Henry: Head of IT Developments

It's quite easy to not be afraid of bombs going off in London when you live in Chile.

Lucy: Head Of IT Insolence

People are happy to post their non afraidance anonymously, telling the buggers where you live is another matter.

Barry: Office Supplies Manager (Staplers)

I heard that Al Qaeda can find out your address simply by looking at the shape of your face.

Give us your excuse:
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