July 13, 2005
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: JK Rowling's Character Notes Discovered

Publishing Exclusive

Published here for the very first time anywhere on the internet, we reveal what JK Rowling has in store for each of her characters in her new book, published worldwide on 16th July...

In these notes we get an insight into how the characters were created by one of the most successful authors of her time...

In the handwritten notes (that have come into our possession through the method of being pushed under our door at the stroke of midnight) we discover...

Harry: "...much more like a young Han Solo this time and not the Luke Skywalker of earlier books..."

Hermionie: "...65% more young Lara Croft, 35% less English public schoolgirl version of Princess Leia without the pastry ears..."

Ron: " favourite Chewbacca type character is now to become much more Hong Kong Phooeyesque! Hi-argh!!!!"

Excerpt from JK Rowlings missing character details

Dumbledore: "...a whole lot less Gandalfy this time, and much more Starksy (but without losing any of the cascading grey hair and beard!) Much more street cred, and a nice sexy red car/carriage with a white stripe! Corr!"

Voldemort: "...I really MUST MUST MUST up the Darth Vader-iness of Voldemort this book!. Last time he was evil, but this time I want him to have a wheeze and a helmet as well (check retained lawyers on copyright here too)!!!"

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