July 22, 2005
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Flatulence Filled Cell Phone Ring Tone Popular With Under 10's


A cell phone ring tone, which has been described as 'one of the most debilitating fart filled sound effects montages in Hollywood history', is now freely available for download.

The 8 second long ring tone is proving popular with the fast growing cell phone market for the under 10 year olds, across the globe.

Jonny, a 9 year old, told us:

"This fart ring tone is brilliant. I haven't laughed as much since the day I wore out my first Whoopee cushion. Hilarious."

Henry, 9, said:

"This innovation in cell phone technology is set to doom the whoopee cushion to the annuls of youth culture history, and it's about time too."

Kevin, 9, told us:

"If I hear that tone one more time I will burst."

A teacher told us:

"This tone has got to be banned from classrooms immediately."

Fart Cell Phone Ring Tone

All the movie critics we have spoken to confirm that this ring tone finally tops the scene in Blazing Saddles by the camp fire.
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