July 14, 2005
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Chocoholics Anonymous Condemn Charlie and Chocolate Factory Movie

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Criticized
Depp sticking two fingers up at the Chocoholic lobby in this genuine promotional poster

Chocoholics Anonymous have presented a petition to Tim Burton, director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, at the premiere of the movie, saying his film presents chocolate in 'too positive a light'.

Sheila Luchinburger, spokesperson for Chocoholics Anonymous, told this web site:

"The movie glorifies the serious problem of chocoholia which society, and the advertising industry, take too lightly, sometimes even using it as a positive point."

Sheila, along with eight other chocoholics, some as light as 200 pounds, organized the petition which included over 1000 signatures.

Luchinburger, who admits to a one time addiction of up to 3000 bars of chocolate a day, says she will organize protests outside movie theaters across the globe:

"Chocoholism takes over your whole life. You live for your fix. It's much worse than a heroin and cocaine habit as you don't have to buy your stuff from seedy looking people in bars and on the street corner, although I must admit I have bought some chocolate from him once when I had run out at 4 in the morning a couple of hundred times."

"I am not going to see this spawn of the devil movie and I recommend that anyone with a choco related binge eating illness don't go to see it either."

Choco protesters have demanded that the movie has a warning about the dangers of eating chocolate at the start, a demand which was completely ignored.

Chocoholism kills over 100,000 people a year, according to statistics given us by Chocoholics Anonymous, that figure includes 8 people a year killed by trying to suck chocolate bars from vending machines with their mouths.

Gerald Smith, founder of Chocoholics against Charlie, who originally set up his group for chocoholics with a cocaine addiction, says the group is to reinvent itself to campaign against this movie. Smith told us: "Well, it gets us out of the house".

Luchinbuger and Smith are not on speaking terms at the moment over what their friends describe as 'a chocolate related disagreement'. When we told Luchinbuger what Smith had told us she advised us not to listen to him because 'he is a complete Wonka'.

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