July 2, 2005
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Looking for that really annoying mp3 ring tone to put on your friend's mobile when they're not looking?

Or just fancy something different, something funny, and something that is free...?

We've been looking for you...

And we're pleased with what we've found...

Following our smash international success of the Maria Sharapova ring tone (here) we've now found a whole load more...

Prepare yourself for some more RING TONES FROM HELL...

Music : Bob Hope and Bing Crosby sing 'Hoots Mon'

Guaranteed to annoy EVERYBODY on the train AND plant a song in their heads they won't be able to get rid of all day! Altogether now... "Hoots Mon, outta my way... who do ya think ye arr..."
James Finlayson - Oooohhhh!

James Finlayson is believed to be the originator of the Homer Simpson 'Doh'. His trademark was to look straight into camera and shout oooh! Here he is getting exasperated when it all goes wrong...

Oliver Hardy - 'Another Nice Mess You've gotten me inta...'
The classic Oliver Hardy phrase for your cell phone...
Oliver Hardy - Doh - hits head...
Oliver Hardy hits his head and shouts Doh in this mp3... The great thing with this ring tone is, if you have it loud enough, you can give those near by a seizure... fun for all the family...

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