June 15, 2005
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Michael Jackson's New Top Ten 'Don't Do It Again' List

He's not going to be that bad any more...

Well, it seems that Michael has learned one thing from the trial... he isn't going to be sleeping in bed with boys any more...

So, what else from the List of the Bleedin Obvious is Jacko not going to do again...? Here's our top ten...

Don't put my underpants on over my trousers like Superman...
Don't believe a thing Martin Bashir / any journalist tells me...

Must remember: Don't dangle anything small over a balcony, like a cuddly pet, a pot plant, a small child...

Don't get my face painted like a tiger again in my fairground - last time it took a whole month to get the stain out of my face after it reacted with my surgery.
Don't jump out of my upstairs bedroom window (in my pajamas) with my arms outstretched shouting "I can fly", "Second star on the right and straight on till morning".
Don't pick a fight with the Ultimate Fighting Champion, any weight group.
When I have my next bath, don't hold my head under the water so that I pass out.
Don't run out of the bathroom after a shower without wiping myself dry, get a fork and shove it into a live electric point on the wall.

Don't do another advert for Pepsi unless it is under water.


Don't sleep in my own bed with boys under the age of 18...

By the way... nice work, Michael, we're glad you won...

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