June 28, 2005
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Maria Sharapova 'Scream' Cell Phone Ring Tone Now Available

Hear it here first

A cell phone ring tone of Maria Sharapova's scream is now available for download to mobile phones, we have discovered.

A copy of the scream can be heard below.

A polymorphic, polyparrot and polystyrene version is soon to be available.

Hear/download the cell phone ring tone everyone is talking about...
MP3 (File size: 55K)
Windows (.wma File size: 46K)
QuickTime (.mov File size: 50K)
RealNetworks (.rm File size: 38K)

Experts tell us that the popularity of the ring tone is assured regardless of how well the tennis star does at Wimbledon.

Happy owners of the Sharapova scream ring tone told us:

"I never fail to take a call now that Maria screams at me!"

"I set my alarm clock to the Sharapova scream ring tone. It serves as a seamless bridge from my dirty dreams of the tennis icon and my morning ablutions."

"I am surprised she doesn't burst those balls screaming like that."

Note: We have been asked for a monophonic/ polyphonic version of this mp3 ring tone. This is not going to be made available in the immediate future. The reason for this is that we have a strict testing policy for all files on this site and it would not be possible for us to test the file sufficiently before we put it up. If you want to convert it yourself there are various tools available on the internet.
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