June 24, 2005
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Alcohol Fueled Beach Games Part Five: Beach Melon Bra Brawl

Beach Melon Bra Brawl

Well, this is the final beach game for the week... hope you have enjoyed them...

As is our tradition, start off by taking our tongue twister quiz to see if you are ready to play...

Say the following tongue twister 10 times as fast as you can:

Fat frogs flying past fast.

Number of errors:

0-3 errors: Get a job in McDonalds

4-6 errors: Moderately handy (Designated bra handler)

7+ errors: Ga Ga... Congratulations, you are ready to play today's beach game!

Game number 5: Beach Melon Bra Brawl

Ingredients: Two Melons per contestant. One oversized bra which can hold the two melons per contestant.

Method: It's a simple race from A to B, but the melons must stay in the bras at all times, and the bra must be positioned in the correct upper chest position...

The winner is the first person to cross the finish line with both melons in the bra.

Bonus points for more than two melons.

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