June 23, 2005
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Alcohol Fueled Beach Games Part Four: Beach Cous Cous Kung Fu

Summer time fun

Every day this week we have brought you a new alcohol fuelled beach game. They're saucy! They're naughty! You really need to be drunk to appreciate them...

So take our drunkenness test to see if you are ready to play and then get that beachwear on...

Say the following tongue twister 15 times as fast as you can:

The myth of Miss Muffet.

Number of errors:

0-3 errors: Get a job in a kindergarten

4-6 errors: Moderately handy, but still too sober (Designated cous cous preparer)

7+ errors: Ga Ga... Congratulations, you are ready to play today's beach game!

Game number 4: Beach Cous Cous Kung Fu

Ingredients: Supply of Cous Cous, soaked in water so that it is nice and fluffy...

The game is played by teams of two, one cous cous hurler, one catcher.

Object of the game is to throw cous cous from one contestant to the other. The cous cous catcher collects the hurled, wet, cous cous in a bowl.

The winners are the team with the most cous cous at the catcher's end in the bowl provided.

Vary distance between hurler and catcher for entertainment.

Bonus points for erotic slipperiness of contestant.

Note: Playing this game with peanuts can lead to mini-bruising.

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