June 21, 2005
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Alcohol Fueled Beach Games Number Two: Cucumber Bagel Bother

Cucumber Bagel Bother...

Today and all this week on we are bringing you brand new alcohol fuelled beach games designed by our very own experts in wines and beers.

Before we start today's game... you must take our 'are you drunk enough to play?' test:

Say the following tongue twister 10 times as fast as you can:

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

Number of errors:

0-3 errors: Get a job in broadcasting

4-6 errors: Moderately handy, drink more

7+ errors: Ga Ga... Congratulations, you are ready to play today's beach game!

Game number 2: Beach Cucumber Bagel Bother

Ingredients: One cucumber and one bagel for each contestant.

Teams of two work together, starting at least 20 meters apart.

The first partially naked team member puts the cucumber between their legs and runs as fast as they can over to the second team member. The person with the cucumber must not touch the cucumber with their hands while moving, the only time they can touch their cucumber is if they have to put it back if it slips out of their legs.

The second team member must put the bagel on the cucumber without touching either the cucumber or the bagel with their hands. Contestant number one is not allowed to touch either the cucumber or the bagel during this task.

Once affixed to the cucumber, the first team member then runs back to the starting point.

The first contestant to do this wins.

Bonus points for more than one bagel on the cucumber.

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