May 6, 2005
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United Nation's To Back Plans To Make 'April Fools Day' A Whole Month in 2006

At last something they can agree on...

The United Nation's is to enforce an April Fool's Month in 2006, extending it from the internationally recognised day of 1st April each year.

A UN spokesman told us:

"With April Fools Day always falling on April 1st every year it has lost that essential element of surprise."

The move has brought acclaim from pranksters across the globe who have called the move "innovative", "revolutionary", "exciting".

It is expected that 30 days of pranking will give a well needed boost to the world's prank and prank/joke services industry which has been in recession since 2001.

A prank expert told us:

"A large number of people have told us that they are unable to complete their pranks in accordance with the recognised standard of before 12 midnight on 1st April.

Our figures show that more than 85% of people come up with a good prank idea just after the 12 midnight watershed on the 1st.

With 30 whole days of pranking possibilities available in 2006, everybody will be able to take part."

In related news: The Nigerian Government is to set up a special working party to ensure that the country is not left out of April Fools Month in 2006. Nigeria, the recognised world leader in prank emails, is to offer its services to less developed pranking nations. To find out more please send your bank account details, including passwords, to Mr Ido NGomery, grandson of battered-to-death-with-a-chair dictator General Idi NGomery, before 5th June.

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