May 11, 2005
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Top Ten Things Thrown At George W Bush During His Current European Tour

It's Europe's throwing craze!
Riga, Latvia: Toaster thrown at television set showing George W Bush giving a speech
Moscow: Javelin thrown in general direction of George W Bush in sports stadium, 10 miles to the north of place Bush was giving a speech
Netherlands: Panties thrown by member of the East Amsterdam Justin Timberlake Appreciation Society. The panties were intercepted by security officers and never got closer than 40 metres of the president's head.
Georgia: Baby's dummy thrown at President Bush by 8 month old Jake Smith from inside his pram. The pacifier fell to the ground only 10 metres from the president before being taken away and destroyed using the method of controlled explosion.
Moscow: Pigeon dies in flight within 20 metres of President Bush. On falling to the ground, the bird missed the president but knocks out a 55 year old Russian woman miner, ironically named Miss Clump.
Moscow: Almost finished cigarette flicked by smoker. Stub found 15 metres from President Bush
Riga, Latvia: Woman throws CD of Julio Iglesias at President Bush. CD never found.
Netherlands: Man at the back of the crowd throws false leg at President Bush. It hits the person in front of him. Man with one leg falls over.

Moscow: Clinically obese man undoes his belt, directioning over 45 lbs of flab in direction of President Bush within 35 metres.


Tbilisi, Georgia: Campaigner tries to throw a new speech at George Bush's autocue, hoping that Bush will read the new speech and not the one prepared by his speech writers. The new speech was removed 5 metres from the president.


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