April 26, 2005
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Buy Your Pirate Copy of Revenge of The Sith* Here!

"Ahoy! there me hearties and a bottle of rum!"

Be the coolest kid on your block to get your very own pirate copy of Revenge of the Sith* on DVD for the bargain price of only $37.98 before it is even released in cinemas!

In the official Revenge of the Sith you can at last find out:

Did Anakin Skywalker have babies before he became Darth Vader? If he didn't, did he wear that helmet during the love making scene? How kinky is that?

How did Anakin become Darth Vader and who made his outfit? Is it true that his first helmet was three times too big for his head? (Mel Brooks told us that one.)

Watch the almost-banned saucy watery sparkfest that is set to become the classic C3PO shower room scene (the real reason this movie was given a PG13 rating!)

All this and more in Revenge of the Sith, out officially in cinemas across the globe in May 2005.

For those who can't wait for the official movie to be released, get your pirate version of Revenge of the Sith* today!


* Revenge of the Sith, previously featured in bargain bins for $1.78, and as part of a 20 movies on 5 DVD's for $9.99 long term special offer set. This version ©1939. Stars Humphrey Smith and Jane Goodisall-Murray. Directed by Sir Michael Cavendish III.

Revenge of the Sith, filmed in Triple Color Vision, the first movie to be presented in Pirate-A-Scope where available
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