April 13, 2005
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Selecting A New Pope: News Agency Makes Cardinal Into Illegal Pirate Radio Station

Technology has changed in 26 years

A news organisation has made a cardinal, who is currently engaged in selecting the next Pope, into an illegal pirate radio station, we can exclusively reveal for the first time today.

26 years ago, when the previous Pope was selected, radio transmission technology was bulky, but today powerful transmission equipment can easily fit inside a pointy hat taller than 6 inches.

An expert confirmed our story:

"A cardinal's hat is the perfect transmitting device."

Below we can show, for the first time, what a cardinal looks like when illegally transmitting.

The picture, below, was taken during tests of the broadcasting equipment currently being used.

The cardinal seen here, managed to completely disrupt the Vatican's All Hits Radio 98.4 for an area of 300 yards.

Cardinal while transmitting on 98.4FM

Ironically, the penalty for cardinal tampering in this way in the hereafter is having to listen to All Hits Radio for eternity.

The news organisation with the transmitting cardinal is sure to be the first to name the next Pope when it is finally decided upon, unless there is another cardinal fitted with the same device.

Our security experts tell us that in the event of two cardinals being fitted with the same device they might cancel each other out, especially if they cuddle, or kiss.

If both of these cardinals were transmitting, the signal may be lost.
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