March 28, 2005
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Top Ten DVD Easter Eggs They Lied To Us About On The Internet

Found an Easter Egg? Keep It To Yourself...
A DVD Easter Egg is something special not officially advertised on a DVD. Used for marketing reasons, to create a buzz.

You've heard there's this brilliant Easter Egg on a DVD...

(Come on, you saw it on the internet, it must be true...)

But then you take a look and it isn't there, or isn't as good as they told you... We never found the following either, but wished we had...

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me: To see Austin's penis (cleverly covered in the opening credits sequence of the movie): Go to the main menu. After Austin's second 'Oh Behave' type the numbers 5476 and then watch the movie. Power's willy is plain to see throughout.
Three Kings: During the bit when the Iraqi insurgent uses a CD to force Mark Wahlberg's character to drink oil, click on the right arrow and choose from a selection of Marky Mark hits.
Saving Private Ryan: Go to the final scene (in grave yard), if you are feeling sad, click the right arrow and a grave yard game starring Daffy Duck and Pluto begins. The object of the game is to use your frying pan to comically smash as many of the real life characters on the head in a two minute window.
The West Wing, Season Two: DVD number 2 only. Region 2. Select the languages menu option and choose language option Street Jive (hidden at the bottom of the screen) to hear the president and his staff dubbed in a street rapping style.
Fight Club: Region 1, 2 and 4 only: Click on Meat Loaf's stomach until a boxing glove appears. Give Meaty a big punch, keep on punching his stomach until he vomits. Click on the vomit until a menu appears then select your favourite Meat Loaf track from the Bat Out Of Hell reunion tour 1996.
Snatch: Region 1 and 2 only: At the main menu, press 666 on the keypad. Go to the languages section and you can select a specially dubbed Dick Van Dyke English accent™ last heard in Mary Poppins.
Dude where's my car?: In the scene where Christie Boner meets Jesse and Chester on the street for the first time: Click the left arrow and then up and her shirt comes off. For the rest of the movie all women are topless.
Natural Born Killers (Directors Cut): Region 3 only: Go to the Special Features section, click on the bloody dripping head and then play the movie. All meat is then prepared in accordance with Jewish Kosher rules.
Gladiator: All regions. During the lion in the amphitheatre scene: Click the up arrow and type 44337 and the CGI'd Lion turns into the Pink Panther. Watch as Pinky plays the piano in his top hat and then picks a fight with Russell Crowe by hitting him on the head with a walking cane....

Boogie Nights: Play the DVD in a Sony Playstation with a dance pressure mat plugged in. Any time a sex scene is in progress, jump on the left foot pressure pad and then the right to take control of the sex player on the top. Joystick optional.

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