March 17, 2005
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First Details Of New Peter Pan Book Revealed

Peter Pan 2 / Michael Jackson Trial Spoof

London: Great Ormond Street, the children's hospital that owns the rights to the Peter Pan franchise, have commissioned a sequel to the classic JM Barrie story.

Using up to the minute surveillance and garbage bag investigation techniques taught us by the Taliban, we can reveal the main plot outline for the story, due out next year...

We have discovered that Peter Pan II is to be based on the life of a middle aged singing superstar who teaches troublesome children (and their pets) to fly using just their arms (and paws).

Peter Pan is now a qualified Captain who has had extensive plastic surgery to make his nose look like Concorde's so that he can fly faster.

Faced with modern day political correctness gone mad, Pan is prosecuted by the authorities for allowing some of his underage friends to fly at heights of 2000 ft without the proper protective helmets, knee & elbow pads and flashing lights, during the hours of darkness (with only the stars (and light pollution) to guide them).

(A separate prosecution is also brought when Nana, the family dog, urinates over London mid-flight during the no wee curfew of 11pm-5am.)

The case against Pan is brought by the evil District Attorney, Hook.

Pan (wearing just his pyjamas) defeats Hook when the case against him degenerates into a chaotic sword fight.

In the ensuing commotion, and in spite of suffering from a bad back, Pan manages to defeat both the District Attorney and all the bankruptcy lawyers in the world with his sword.

Now free from ever running out of money ever again, Peter Pan flies off to safety and lives happily ever after... until he tries to bring out another album which stinks on ice.

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