March 24, 2005
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Top Ten Funniest 'Pet Named Lucky' Stories We Could Make Up (Part 1)

Don't laugh, they will be reporting these next week

You know that reporters just make up those Lucky The Pet stories at the end of news bulletins don't you...?

Today we start a competition for you to make up your own Lucky stories. We will publish the best ones here and maybe sort out a small prize or two for the best submissions. Send your entry to editor@the (your address will not be put on a mailing list.)

Below we start you off with numbers 10-6 in our top ten. Part two is tomorrow (here).

We named our tortoise Lucky because everyone who kissed him was then blessed by fortunes unbounded. Small lottery wins... Illnesses disappeared... Tax refunds... Unfortunately, Lucky was flattened to a cardboard thickness when a steam roller squashed him when he was in the middle of the road. I will never forget the look on his flat little face when we found him.
Our oldest Labrador was named Lucky because, when he was a puppy, he narrowly avoided death when he was chasing a cat across the road outside the house. Lucky died last week, a victim of a drive-by shooting.
I had never named a pet Lucky before because I always feared that the name would prove to be a bad omen. However, I just had to name our latest canary Lucky when he appeared all of a sudden at our window during one of the most vicious storms in living memory. We instantly took to him. Unfortunately I accidentally squeezed him to death when I was trying to return him to his cage whilst a bit sozzled one evening. I can still hear the dull sudden squeak as his last breath left his body.
Lucky, our Boa Constrictor, was given to us by a circus passing through town. He was due to retire from performing and we gladly provided a home for him. Sadly Lucky got violently electrocuted when he stuck his tongue into an electric plug. It has been three months now and the house still smells of boiled pork.

Lucky, our first cat, was named so because he always managed to land on his feet no matter how dangerously he jumped. It was like watching cat ballet the way Lucky could jump from fence to fence, never once putting a paw wrong. That was until Thursday the 7th. Lucky died after falling into a trash dumpster and got his little furry head stuck in an empty tin of beans.

Part Two Is Here

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