March 9, 2005
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Terrorists Plan To Reveal World's Funniest Joke On Radio Stations Friday

World Population Put On Alert

Security chiefs have put world radio stations on alert for a possible joke attack, expected this Friday.

What is believed to be one of the World's funniest jokes, originally described in the now banned Internet Terrorist's Joke Book, has a 5 feet long feather in the punchline.

The joke is widely regarded as the most hysterically funny thing ever written, and renders its victim helpless for at least 20 minutes, enough time to do irreparable damage to the world economy in lost work and ruptures.

It is believed that terrorists are planning to phone the joke into local radio talk shows in prime time, in an attempt to disseminate the joke quickly to an unsuspecting population.

In computer simulations, an economy the size of Dallas could be rendered hopeless in under 25 minutes.

As a precaution, security experts advise that in-car radios should be switched off when driving on Friday.

Listeners in Europe are apparently safe, we have learned, as the joke does not work with the metric system.

Listeners will know they are about to hear the joke because it starts like this:

A chicken, a Democrat with a five-feet long feather in his hat, and a hairdresser, walk into a bar...

Variations of the joke include:

A horse, a Polish butcher with a five-feet long feather poking out of his bottom, and a builder, dance into a bar...

A Rabbi, a German with a five-feet long feather sticking out of his fly, and a masseuse, run into a bar...

Other forms of this joke are possible.

If you are unable to switch the radio off in time, and find yourself starting to laugh, it is important that you isolate yourself, place a damp cloth over your head (to stop you overheating) and do not pass on the joke in any of its forms.

Police departments across the globe have been briefed by governments on how to handle a mass outbreak of hysterical laughter. Emergency supplies of damp cloths have been flown to all four corners of the globe.

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British radio stations are to be put on ultrahigh alert because Friday is the biannual comedy BBC telethon 'Red Nose Day'. To donate please click here.

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