March 9, 2005
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Did Bush Snr and Clinton Sleep In 'Only Bed' Together On Tsunami Tour?

We read between the lines....

Tabloid experts in presidential spin have analysed a press release, reported in Newsweek, that Bill Clinton slept on the floor while George Bush Snr slept in 'the only available bed' on the plane, during their recent tour of Tsunami affected countries.

These highly respected reporters have concluded that the story is just a 'smokescreen', and that Bush and Clinton both 'laid in the same bed together and agreed to lie about it afterwards'.

Tristran Goodbody, from TV's Funniest Presidential Bloopers, told us:

"I'm not saying they did sleep in the same bed together and I'm not saying they didn't. All I'm saying is that if they did sleep in the same bed together then this is the story I would expect from the White House."

"It is simply not believable that 80 year old Bush would have allowed Clinton, who is due back in hospital for an operation, to sleep 'stretched out on the floor with his toes in the air' as claimed. All this while the Octogenarian had 'a nice and comfy snooze all on his own'? Gentleman George Bush Snr would never have allowed it."

"It would be standard former president protocol to publicly offer the bed, which Clinton did two months ago, but then, when the doors were closed, they would sleep together and then lie about it afterwards."

Toby Gonzales, one of the architects of the Just Say No To Everything Naughty campaign of the 1980's, said the story was a load of old hokum:

"Both George Bush and Bill Clinton are committed bible fearing Christians. It quite clearly says in Leviticus 18:22 "Thou shalt not lie with man, as with woman: it is abomination". Now, obviously, 'lie', in this context, is referring to outrageously sweaty homosexual sex, but laying together in the same bed for a nap would be covered, here, too. It just didn't happen."

Tabloid experts say that computer simulations run for the story confirm that former President Bush would have slept on the right, former President Clinton would have slept on the left next to the light switch.

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Press Briefing: Two men sleeping in bed together is widely discouraged because it can lead to inexplicable stains on sheets and spontaneous human combustion.

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