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Top Ten Oscar Awards We'd Like To See

And the nominations are...
Best hot beverages and miscellaneous on-set eatables
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Donuts
I Robot - Coffee
Million Dollar Baby - Water in a bottle
Best backstage microwave, 250 cubic cm and above
The Aviator - Samsung XR561
Million Dollar Baby - Hitachi UR665
Sideways - Panasonic XST7
Best on-set mail delivery of a letter/ card/ items weighing under 4oz
Johnny Depp - Postcard from family holiday in Malaga, Janie Theakston, 13
Leonardo Dicaprio - 'Marry Me Leonardo' - from Tracy Taylor,15, Chelmsford, England
Jamie Foxx - 'You're not really playing that piano are you?' - John Thurstable, 43, Melbourne, Australia
Catering: Best breakfast, including eggs
Soft boiled egg in an egg cup (inc bread soldiers) - Vera Drake
Scrambled eggs on toast - Million Dollar Baby
Spanish Omelet - The Aviator
Computer programming: Best use of a C++ recursive function in an animated motion picture, scenery
Shrek 2 - Grass in light rain
The Incredibles - Wind, 'breeze'
Shark Tale - Water 'ruffle'
Best on-screen English cup of tea
Vera Drake - PG Tips
Vera Drake - Co-op 99
Vera Drake - Liptons, English Breakfast
Best hot drinks, including flasks, for night time shoots
Drinking Chocolate (Flask) - The Aviator
Decaffeinated Coffee (Flask) - Hotel Rwanda
Hot Tea (Pot) - Vera Drake
Voice talent: Best cough, sneeze or choke in an animated motion picture
Shark Tale - Growl
I Robot - Aaaagghhhh!
Shrek 2 - oooof
Best use of 'face furniture' by a leading actor
Jamie Foxx, Ray - Sunglasses
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator - Floppy hat and goggles set
Shiner - Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby
Lifetime achievement for being Martin Scorsese
Clint Eastwood
Martin Scorsese
Woody Allen
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