Jan 13, 2005
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Woman Crowned 'World's Worst Dancer' Admits To Trying To Be Bad Just To Win

UK's Channel 5 Criticised

A woman crowned the World's Worst Dancer in a UK Channel Five documentary has admitted to cheating, we can reveal.

Charming Smith, 36, was filmed dancing badly at a 1970's Disco for the documentary. But, only two days later, Smith was secretly filmed dancing without knocking fellow dancers over.

Smith just before falling sideways

In the documentary, Charming claimed that she was unable to move her legs properly once the music started which made her wobble erratically, lunge in random directions and grab the nearest dancer to stop her falling over.

A doctor told viewers that he thought she suffered from a rare condition known as Temporary Musical Palsy. Temporary Musical Palsy is brought on when loud music plays and is thought to affect more than 10% of the British population to varying degrees of severity.

However, in a tear-filled statement to cameras, Smith admitted to faking her dance routines just to win the prize, which was a chance to dance with John Travlota look-a-like Doug Hemmingway.

A television critic told us :

"That's the problem with 'world's worst' television programmes, anyone can try to be really bad at something just to show off."

Other programs in the series included:

World's Worst Driver in which the winner was unable to open the car door in the first place because he kept falling over.

World's Worst Singer in which the winner not only sang out of key but matched the wrong words in the wrong order to the wrong music.

World's Worst Cook in which a woman accidentally stuck a pepper grinder up the programme host's bottom.

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