Jan 11, 2005
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World Tree Foundation Set To Sue To Get Back WTF Acronym

WTF: World Tree Foundation

The World Tree Foundation has said it intends to sue internet surfers in a landmark class action unless the 'unauthorised use' of the WTF acronym is stopped immediately.

A lawyer for the WTF told us:

"The WTF acronym is widely used today to mean what the fuck in internet chat rooms, e-mail and bloggs. We are building up a list of people using the acronym and they will be included in depositions later in the year."

Speaking on behalf of the WTF, Nubie Hoobie told us:

"We have suffered in silence for long enough. Now is the time to get back what is rightfully ours."

A spokesman for the Forester's Union (FU) has said that the WTF had been patiently waiting for the use of the acronym to die down but it hasn't.

"If anything, since 9/11, the use of the term WTF has increased moderately exponentially," he told reporters.

In other news

In the UK a clothing store, French Connection, continues to use the logo FCUK on clothing and bags.

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