Jan 28, 2005
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Apply Here To Be An Official Wardrobe Malfunction Checker for Super Bowl XXXIX

February, 6 Jacksonville, apply here..

Super Bowl XXXIX organizers tell us that they are still looking to recruit V more Wardrobe Malfunction Checkers for the Super Bowl to be held in Jacksonville on February, VI.

Jackson: Unexpected Exposure

Wardrobe security has been tightened considerably this year following last year's nipple exposure.

Last year Justin Timberlake pulled at Janet Jackson's bra and one of her pert breasts illegally popped out on national television.

The backstage Wardrobe Malfunction Checkers will be authorized by the FCC to grab at women's bras and clothing with minimal warning before the performer is allowed on stage.

WMC's will wear a special uniform and will be trained to approach the performer with the greeting:

"Excuse me, Ma'am. I am an official Wardrobe Malfunction Checker, please stand by while I pull at your bra/dress/trousers."

Timberlake: Surprise

If the performer refuses to be tested then she will not be allowed on stage.

Officials at the FCC have said that another wardrobe malfunction incident may call into question the entire half time Super Bowl show.

It has not been decided yet whether Wardrobe Malfunction Checkers will be told to check men's wardrobe as well as women's.


If you would like to apply for this position, please e-mail your application, including resume, to Please include a covering letter outlining your experience in ripping bras off.

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