Jan 20, 2005
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World's First Completely Safe For Work Porn Site To Launch Soon

Second Generation X-ray Specs Technology...

What claims to be the world's first completely safe for work sex site is to begin trading in the next few weeks, we have discovered.

The developers behind the site claim to have come up with a system to deliver steamy red hot porn which subscribers to the site can see, but passers-by in an office or, say, on a train, cannot.

The site requires users to wear an optical patch on their eyeglasses which is based on an updating of the popular X-ray specs technology first developed in the 1950's. However the original X-ray specs manufactured in the years 1968-9 also work.

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Don't laugh, his specs really are undressing women this time!

A developer told us:

"The launch of the web site had to be delayed because a bug was discovered where, from a certain distance, and when looked at through window blinds, the image became visible."

A spokesman for told us:

"This is a wonderful development. The technology can be used to send coded images through e-mail which is set to revolutionise Office life."
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