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Let's Go Moose Hunting with Our Now Legal M136 AT4 Shoulder Rocket Launcher!

Whatever did we do without them?


M136 AT4 Shoulder Rocket Launcher

OK, it says 'ready to go KA-BOOM!' on the box, but wait a minute!

Now you've bought your M136 AT4 shoulder rocket launcher a few hours training now will pay dividends in the long run!


We've made our training quarter days family friendly! So why not make it a family day out? We explain things in a way every member of your family can understand...

"Hey, Janey: Daddy's M136 AT4 Shoulder Rocket Launcher makes a sound approximately 27,000 times louder than gum!"

Seen Robert DeNiro in The Deer Hunter? Wanted to have a go but it looked all dull and boring, not like a video game at all?

Well, as a proud new owner of your M136 AT4 Shoulder Rocket Launcher you are only minutes away from that satisfying feeling of making something go 'KA-BOOM!', followed by an eerie silence...

In only your second hour on your first combat weapons training quarter day we give you skills to enable you to go out to the woods to get you a moose head trophy to sit pride of place above your fireplace, or in your garage....

Moose head trophy

Our experts will show you the best way to angle your weapon and fire! Remember: One moderately accurate shot from your M136 AT4 Shoulder Rocket Launcher and all that's left is the head - ready to put on your wall!

Then, before you go home, you get a full half hour practice on our realistic, moose themed, target range....

Target Practice

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