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Under-The-Belt Boxing Tournament Leads To Outcry

...but pain enthusiasts applaud new sport

A new boxing based sport, which involves punching your opponent below the belt, has been greeted by ultimate fighting enthusiasts in the Far East, our reporter claims.

The sport, known as Knacker Boxing, is believed to be one of the most senselessly vicious fighting systems in the world.

The first tournament is to be staged in Bangkok this Saturday. Bangkok is regarded as the sport's spiritual as well as literal home.

Knacker Boxing is believed to have been invented in 2002 when a gamer from Thailand discovered, by chance, a cheat in Ready 2 Rumble, Sega's boxing simulation*. The cheat enables a fighter to win a bout with a quick punch to the groin.

Cheat in 'Ready 2 Rumble' PC game, which may have spawned a new martial art

Organisers of what was previously believed to be the most vicious fighting tournament in the world, Ultimate Hot Wok Fighting, condemned the system as 'barbaric', 'painful' and 'stupid'.

Murray Nelson, from the Thai Society for Over-The-Top Underground Fighting, said he has high hopes for the sport:

"Our plans are for Olympic recognition by 2044."


*(Press Ctrl Shift RDFGC, Alt F5, F6 F8, while hopping on left leg, simultaneously)


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