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France Denies Responsibility For Hurricane Frances

Are French Fries to be renamed Frances Fries?
Hurricane France

The French Ambassador to the USA may have emailed the White House to confirm that his country is not responsible for Hurricane Frances 'if he had enough time on Friday', we have been told.

France acknowledges that it did badly during the Republican Convention last week, but a similarly named hurricane that appeared soon after the end of the convention was 'just a complete coincidence', a spokesman from the French Weather Centre suggests.

Republicans blame France for a number of sins, including not strangling Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry at birth.

Relations between the Republican Party and France continue to deteriorate after a policy of incivility towards the GOP was revealed in which members of the French Diplomatic Staff have been told to slurp snails and gargle red wine when telephoning the White House.

A spokesman told us:

"The hurricane was named by someone at the Hurricane Center and there is no relevance in the fact that it came so soon after the Republican Convention and was apparently named after France."

This web site has heard suggestions that chefs in the White House should rename 'French Fries' to 'Frances Fries' as a sign of solidarity with Florida - the fries are to be thrown straight at the customer from the kitchen.

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