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Do You really Want To See George W Bush Nude?

Naked election special caused an internet sensation last year when we controversially promised to publish naked pictures of Britney Spears. We repeated our offer with our naked picture of Maria Sharapova in July this year.

To our shock, you decided you didn't want to see them naked after all... But we are undeterred...

To prove we are not sexist, and because it is Election year in the USA, our world leading picture editors have managed to find a picture of a young George W Bush walking along with nothing on, only a hat and a smile. And, if you want to, you can see it all...

A number of readers wrote in to question whether we actually had a naked picture of Maria or Britney at all... So this time we have decided to give you a picture of the chest for free, to show we are not messing you about.

Yes, you heard that right: The president's nipples and abs are yours for free.

Vote now or regret it later.
How much George W Bush do you really want to see?
Rules: Vote Yes to see more of the picture, vote No to cover up more of the picture. Voting ends on Election day. You can vote twice a day.

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