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Who Do You Want As US President? Flip-Flop, Flop-Flip or Flipper?

EEEkk, eeeEEeee eEeekKk honk! finally comes off the fence

Flip Flop*
Flop Flip*

With 40 days to go to election day in the USA, firmly comes down on the side of the only real choice.

Today this web site puts its weight behind the only candidate who, we believe, can deliver on all of his promises. Flipper the Dolphin.

Please put this button on your web site, or print it out and pin it to you clothes. We will be following Flipper's progress through the rest of the campaign.

Please don't forget to give us your vote in our poll... (The best comments will be put up on the site.)

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(*John Kerry named Flip Flop by Republicans because he voted for the Iraq invasion but then came out against it. *George W Bush named Flop Flip by us because he was a bit of a flop as president until September 11, 2001 and then he sort of flipped into life....)

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