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Who Won The Second Presidential Debate? A Pro Wrestling Special

A World President Wrestling presentation

Welcome back to part two of the Rumble in St Louis (Part One here).

World President Wrestling presents the concluding half of the great Bush vs Kerry debate bout...

All the pictures in this article are genuine pictures from the presidential debate in St Louis, Friday 8th October. The only manipulation that has taken place is for brightness and sizing.
Kerry turns to walk back to his corner...
OH NO! BEHIND YOU! Bush goes straight for a drinking glass... Is Bush trying to stop the bout with a cut to Kerry's right eye?
Close, but Kerry walks away...
BUT WAIT... OH NO... LOOK AT THE SCREEN FIGHT FANS! Do you see what I see? Surely Kerry isn't about to grab the president's balls on live television? NO WAY! How could he...
Straight in the TESTICLES! Oh My Goodness Me! Kerry has the president's balls IN HIS RIGHT HAND! This is simply a sensation! Does Kerry have no shame? What will the Commission for Presidential Debates have to say about this? I have never seen, in all of my life, a candidate grab the president's balls like that on national television. It's FANTASTIC!
Kerry then follows up with a slap on Bush's head.
Bush is dazed. He attempts to hit Kerry on the face but misses... Kerry mistimes a block and sticks his finger up his nose!
"YOU MISSED LOSER!" screams Kerry as he turns to show Bush his finely buffed Democrat ass...
In the closing few seconds, Kerry turns and manages to get a karate chop in to Bush's leg.... But it's the last blow of the bout... sensational!
Well, who knows who won that bout, fight fans! But what an incredible match! I can't wait for next Friday's third and final match up!

Well, I am sure you will agree with me: that was a sensational bout of some of the finest political professional wrestling we have ever seen!

Join us for the third bout, next Wednesday. Both candidates have everything to play for so don't miss our coverage...

I have been Merv 'Headlock' Harrison, for World President Wrestling. Goodnight.

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