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Kerry Jelly: The '-' in 'K-Y Jelly' Means 'ERR' Claims Republican TV Ad

Water based lubritroversy

USA: Dirty Election 2004

At last we find out what the '-' stands for in K-Y Jelly

A television advertisement is to be screened in five swing states tonight which claims that the '-' in 'K-Y Jelly' means 'ERR'.

K-Y Jelly should actually be called Kerry Jelly, 'just like the Democrat candidate', the Republican Party financed advertisement claims.

"KERRY Jelly is popular amongst the sexually over-vigorous who are unable to deal with the terrorist threat", claims the television advert.

In today's on-the-street survey innocent passers-by told us:

"This news makes me want to get my Village People costume out again."

"I could never vote for a candidate with the same name as a product which has been involved with so much wrong doing. I feel both used and left out at the same time."

"I have never heard of K-Y Jelly before, is that how Mr Kerry gets his hair to stand up so?"

"I am aghast! Why has it taken so long for this critical piece of information to come out?"

"I was hoping a Kerry presidency would get us away from all the dirty words in politics, such as Bush, Dick and Colon, obviously I am mistaken. What is happening to this country?"


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