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Nicole Kidman's Curtain-Dress Spoils $25million Advertisement for Chanel 5

Review: Flaming feathery faux pas?

Ad plot summary: The last man on the planet to know who Nicole Kidman is falls in love with her when she gets into his taxi in an oversized dress made out of curtain material....

The Chanel 5, 3 minute movie-style advertisement, is undoubtedly superb... The problem for us was what on earth have they made Nicole Kidman wear?

Is it possible that the pink feathery dress she runs through the streets in is simply curtain material?

She certainly draws something back just like it later on...

Nicole runs through street in curtain
Nicole draws back dress

And would such a big fat bushy dress actually fit into a taxi? In the real world the dress would have bunched up and the stubbly chinned four-eyed love interest probably wouldn't have been able to see her face at all... thus the world would have lost the most expensively filmed 'fancying' in media history... or maybe he would have fallen in love with just her legs...?

We also have a health and safety objection to the necklace with the pendant hanging at the back... How many superstars and their wannabees are set to be strangled to death by what is assured to be this new craze? We conservatively estimate it to be in the millions...

And the best money saving tip of all is that the 3 minute advert includes a minute of credits... nice.

Rodrige Santoro also stars.

Conclusion: We can't wait to go into a department store to spray Chanel 5 on our wrists... Probably won't be able to afford to buy it though, not with this much spent on advertising...

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